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Looking to embark on a career in corporate law? We know it can be hard to differentiate one firm from another, particularly when everyone says they 'do great work with great people'. But what does that mean?

Our podcast, Allens Confidential, aims to answer that question and give you real insight into what it's like to work at Allens. You can listen below or on iTunesSpotify or PodBean.

The power of pro bono

Our pro bono work is one of the topics we get the most questions about from prospective clerks and grads.

In this episode, Geneva and Caitlin catch up with Nicky Friedman, our Director of Community Engagement, and James Daniel, Associate and Sydney Pro Bono Coordinator, to talk all things pro bono.

What sort of pro bono legal work does Allens do? How does it happen? How do junior lawyers get involved? How did Caitlin score a pro bono secondment so soon after starting as a grad (and from the comfort of home)?

Clerkships – as told by clerks

Want to know what being a clerk at Allens is really like? Former summer clerks Georgie Kilborn and Xander Jackman do a deep dive into their experiences, telling us all about what they found most surprising and most daunting.

Our former clerks also give invaluable advice to students who are considering applying – including what they themselves would have done differently, and to expect the unexpected when it comes to interview questions.

Highlights from our 2019 series

Do law firms really care about culture and community?

In an interview with one of Allens' longest-serving Partners, Ian McGill (Partner, Technology, Media & Telecommunications), and one of its newest, Simun Soljo (Partner, Funds, Super & Wealth), Geneva and Roseanna explore the firm's culture and commitment to pro bono and community work.

This in-depth discussion includes an overview of how Allens has changed with the times, and topics ranging from marriage equality, reconciliation, and all the different ways of being involved with advocacy – to the benefits of saying hello to colleagues in the kitchen.  

Highlights from our 2018 series

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