Next steps

We know applying for a clerkship can be stressful, but that having a clear view of the path ahead can make it easier.

Here you can find an outline of our clerkship application process, as well as our top tips for success.

Our application process

Gather your documents

Submit a copy of your resume, cover letter, your academic transcript(s) and any supporting visa information if you hold a working visa. Make sure you gather these before you begin your online application.

Complete an optional diversity assessment

Complete the Rare Contextual Recruitment System questions. Your responses give us a better understanding of your achievements and any challenges you may have overcome, beyond what we may see on your resume, using your educational, socioeconomic and personal information. We are proud to be the first Australian business to launch the Rare Contextual Recruitment system - a data driven tool that helps us to increase diversity in our workforce.

Complete an assessment

We've teamed up with our alliance partner Linklaters and Cappfinity - a strengths-based assessment provider - to create an assessment that gives you real insights into the type of work you can expect as a lawyer at Allens. All candidates are required to complete this assessment as part of your clerkship application. You'll be presented with a series of scenarios that you are likely to encounter as a lawyer, and asked to indicate how you would respond in those situations. We are mindful of your experience, so the assessment is not timed and you can complete it at your own pace. Upon completion, you will be provided a development report, which indicates your strengths in light of the assessment, along with any development areas.

Meet the team and build your network

Allens Insider Access is our flagship clerkship recruitment event, held in all states. This evening event is held just before interviews commence, and gives you an opportunity to hear more about the firm, meet our people, and start building your firm connections.

Attend an interview

All states have one interview, except Sydney which conducts two rounds of interviews. You will be notified of who your interviewers are before your interview, so you can know who to expect. Please note, due to business demands, sometimes interviewers may change at the last minute. Our interviews are an opportunity for you to get to know us, and vice versa. We equip our interviewers with training to ensure they are able to get the best out of you, in an environment that understandably can be quite nerve-wracking.


The clerkship recruitment process varies for each state according to the Law Society guidelines. Should your application be successful, we will keep you in the loop about next steps and make sure you are supported through the recruitment process. If you have any specific questions, please contact our team, or:

Tips & advice

Be yourself

Don't try to be who you think we want you to be. There is no 'Allens type' – we want to recruit unique individuals who bring something different to the firm, and those who are comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work.

Try to avoid comparison

Run your own race and stay in your own lane. This will enable you to focus on and give more energy to the things that are important to you.

Stay organised

During the recruitment process you will undoubtedly have many competing demands, from interviews, to events, to university, work and other personal commitments! Some strategies we can suggest are to make a list, use a calendar and map out the key dates and deadlines. Having a clear idea of what you have coming up allows you to plan ahead.

Understand what works best for you to help calm your nerves

Its normal and completely understandable to have nerves during the recruitment process. It’s managing your nerves that is key; find out what works best for you, whether its meditation, avoiding caffeine, doing some exercise or using breathing techniques.

Understand the culture at the firms

The recruitment process is a chance for you to assess if the firm is the right place for you.

Make sure to come to the interview prepared with some questions

Not only does this give you the chance to gain some new insights, but it shows the interviewers that you're engaged in the process and have given some thought to your interview.

Realise that what makes you different can be your signature strength

As we said, we want to recruit unique individuals who bring something different, bringing diversity of thought. Consider what is your unique selling point and what makes you different, and embrace it.