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Top tips for looking after your mental health

Throughout Mental Health Month in October 2022, we focused on simple actions to tune in and look after ourselves and others. Here are our top ten tips for being present and aware of what is happening within us and around us to support your mental health.



Do a mindful breathing session with Allens Consulting Psychologist Greg Prescott.

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Connect and check in with a family member, friend, colleague or loved one.

How to ask 'Are you OK?'


Spend time outside and stretch your muscles – go for a walk in the park or enjoy time in your garden.


Check in on yourself and your mental health.

Tips to tune in this Mental Health Month


Practice gratitude by giving thanks and appreciation to those around you.


Learn how to effectively switch gears from work to other activities with Consulting Psychologist Greg Prescott.

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Tap into the amazing resources available to support your mental health.

myCompass online self-help program - Black Dog Institute


Take a moment to listen to music or watch a show that you enjoy. Here are some of our team's top picks.

What we're listening to


Listen to the latest episode of our Allens Confidential podcast exploring mental health and wellbeing with Consulting Psychologist Greg Prescott.

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Make a cuppa and reflect on the month – write down your thoughts, ideas, emotions and what you might do more of.


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