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Embracing change, innovation and social responsibility: our winter clerks

Throughout June, we welcomed our 2023 winter clerks who joined our offices around Australia. During their time at the firm, they have been involved with client work, group projects and, of course, a few social activities.

Holly Aitken told us she is excited about being able to explore her diverse legal interests. 

'I know that I want to be a commercial lawyer, but I have not yet settled on a practice area and am currently interested in many – including workplace health and safety, intellectual property, and technology, media and telecommunications. However, I do know for certain that I want to be involved in pro bono work throughout my legal career, particularly on matters relating to family violence, homelessness, reconciliation, and sustainability. I'm a keen traveller and would love the opportunity to work overseas at some point, particularly in Japan (where I'm going on a solo trip next month!).'

When asked what his generation will bring to the law, Kurt Munckton recognised the value of personal interactions and a holistic approach to communication, despite the prevalence of social media, instant messaging, and succinct online interactions.

'Mine is a generation that has grown up with YouTube, sports and entertainment streaming, research engines (where information is immediately at our fingertips) and the big one…social media. We’ve developed shorter attention spans, so we've learned the value of communicating in innovative and succinct new formats with each other. Ours is the generation who communicate via instant messages or short emails, which used to fill pages of handwritten or typed letters. With communication changing rapidly, I believe we bring a readiness to advise our clients, who themselves may often be time-poor, quickly and effectively in varying mediums. However, I believe the value of engaging with clients in person and over the phone should never be understated!'

Hala Al-Durra recognises the generational inclination to challenge the status quo and drive innovation, emphasising the desire among her peers to effect change in the face of prevailing norms.

'Without a doubt, I believe my generation will be looking to challenge the status quo, make changes, and seek innovation. For a variety of reasons (including COVID-19, technology, and the prevalence of activism), and for better or for worse, I believe that there is a strong resistance to doing things the way they have always been done. There is also a strong desire to "make our mark", which has contributed to the culture of innovation within this generation.'


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