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Meet our new hosts, Cat and Sam

The most wonderful time of the year - clerkship recruitment season - is almost upon us, and we've appointed new Allens Confidential hosts to mark the occasion. Meet our new hosts, Cat Thomas and Sam Guzman, in a special teaser episode for our new season! Cat and Sam introduce themselves with a classic baptism of fire by sharing their nightmare fuel career missteps, as well as sharing their Allens origin stories and chequered history as friends.  

This episode is part of our 2024 series.

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About the presenters: Sam Guzman and Cat Thomas


Sam joined Allens as a clerk in 2020/21 and is now (surprisingly to some) a 'qualified' lawyer rotating through the Banking & Finance team. Sam enjoys acoustic jams to 90s/2000s RnB and watching Survivor (US and AU) to wind down. If he's not watching Survivor, he's probably listening to podcasts dissecting the latest Survivor episode or chewing someone's ear off about it (…so beware).


Cat describes herself as being a victim of the height of 2012 Tumblr emo aesthetic epidemic. Having bravely freed herself from the clutches of the flannel shirt (mostly), she switched out her Vans for pumps having joined Allens as a clerk in 2020/21. Cat is now, against all odds, happily rotating through the Banking & Finance team, despite mentioning that it was her last preference during her clerkship interview. As you can tell, she has a bit of a reputation for saying the quiet part out loud, mostly because she says everything really loudly.

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